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Investment Objective


The SKYLARK™ trading system (and accordingly, the SKYLARK™ Funds in which it is implemented) actively pursues an investment objective of distinctly high returns to considerably outperform underlying markets and alternative investments each quarter (and over the long-term in general), however, it is possible that it may be unsuccessful in achieving this objective in a given period. The investment objective is merely a speculative performance target, based on historical investigations and analyses, and a knowledge and understanding of the fundamental dynamics of SKYLARK™.

In order to achieve its investment objective, SKYLARK™ executes proprietary strategies for trading outright positions of leveraged futures contracts. It seeks absolute, above-market returns, as opposed to market-linked, passive, or correlative returns. As such, SKYLARK™ Funds represent a relatively high-risk/high-reward investment with potential for unusually large returns (positive and negative) relative to more conservative funds and other investment types, and the market. The risk factors associated with investment in a SKYLARK™ Fund are detailed in the Fund's Information Memorandum (IM) which is provided to all prospective investors. Numerous measures are implemented by the Investment Manager in an effort to mitigate the risks associated with investment in a SKYLARK™ Fund, which are also detailed in the IM.

Although historical simulations of the SKYLARK™ S&P500 Futures Fund have consistently outperformed its objectives and although the Fund pursues them, no assurance or guarantee can be made that the objectives will continue to be achieved. In actuality, the objectives may or may not be achieved going forward.

Note that achievement of the investment objective in a SKYLARK™ Fund is also dependent on your Investment Profile selections. The level of aggression or conservatism applied to your investment in SKYLARK™ in a given month (in accordance with your Investment Profile selection) will affect investment returns in that month commensurately (positive and negative).

Investors in the SKYLARK™ S&P500 Futures Fund may request to withdraw their investment at any time from 3 months after issue. Investors are, however, strongly advised to consider an investment commitment to the Fund of ideally 5 years or more duration, or at least 48 months as a minimum, to allow sufficient opportunity to achieve the investment objective and the highest potential rate of return on investment.

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