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Past & Future Performance


The performance results depicted on the website assume a hypothetical investment of $100,000 in the SKYLARK™ S&P500 Futures Fund (ABN 62 410 140 919) (the Fund), implementing the SKYLARK™ trading system. A detailed explanation of the results follows...


The results are derived from a historical analysis of 6+ years of data, and assume a continuous, uninterrupted, and wholly efficient application of the SKYLARK™ trading methodology as at the date of preparation. The amounts shown are net of all applicable fees, estimated expenses, and transaction costs (clearing, exchange, brokerage, and NFA fees) per rates at the time of preparation. The results assume a fixed Futures contract margin (per margin requirements at the date of preparation), no withdrawals, no other deposits, ongoing re-investment of all distributions, and that investment funds are held, traded, and reported in the same currency throughout.


The depicted performance results pertain to specific values for each variable parameter of the SKYLARK™ algorithm, according to what was deemed optimum by the Investment Manager, Lanleigh® Capital Pty Ltd (ABN 19 604 537 260), and its data analyses at the time. The values assigned to these variables are subject to ongoing change as new data produced by the market is continuously processed with the objective of refining them and ultimately improving the performance of SKYLARK™. Past performance is a direct consequence of the values of these variable parameters. Any revisions or changes to these values will also alter the entire spectrum of past performance as well as the entire continuum of future performance. Accordingly, as these variables are subject to change, the corresponding past performance results and depictions of the Fund, and ultimately the predestined future performance of the Fund are all subject to ongoing variability. The past performance results shown reflect the determinations as at the date of preparation.

The performance results depicted are derived from a combination of both backtest and empirical trade data. The initial majority of the results was derived from trade data produced from running a backtest simulation of the trading system on historical data. Empirical trade data produced from a real application of the system is incorporated in the more recent results depicted.


You can view the performance results pertaining to each Investment Profile option available in the Fund by changing the selection on the website. The performance results depicted will vary accordingly, and assume the selected Investment Profile is applied for the entire duration of the investment.

For comparison, the depiction also includes an overlay of the performance results of an equivalent investment in the benchmark underlying S&P500 Index (assuming 100% investment capital exposure in the Index). The comparative investment return of the Index is the return that would be earned from a hypothetical investment of the same initial amount in the Index (in lieu of the Fund) over the same period. It assumes 100% of the $100,000 is invested at the start of the investment period to purchase the Index at its open price on that particular day, selling out of the position at the closing price of the Index on the last day of the entire investment period. Note that, although the depicted performance results of an investment in the Fund will vary according to the selected Investment Profile, the result of an investment in the Index remains fixed (is unaffected by whichever Investment Profile is selected), as it always assumes 100% capital exposure in the Index for the entire investment period.


Depictions of past performance are presented as a matter of interest only. The values depicted should not be relied on. They may be affected by inaccurate, incomplete, erroneous, omitted, inefficient, or flawed assumptions, procedures or applications, and other risks or uncertainties. They are subject to ongoing change and will differ materially from results ultimately achieved in the Fund. Some of the factors that can cause significant variation from the historic risks are outlined in the Fund's Information Memorandum which is provided to all investors.

It is important to note that the historical analysis and past performance depicted is of a time that likely bears different and incomparable economic and market dynamics and characteristics. An investment in the Fund is subject to investment risks that may or may not have manifested in the past - including those mentioned throughout the Fund's Information Memorandum. Irrespective of any depiction of past performance, it is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Any representations or evidence of past performance should not be considered as an indication of future performance.

You should not rely upon any information on past performance as a comparative of present or future performance, nor as a promise or representation as to the past or future.

You should conduct your own independent assessment and appraisal and form your own expectations based on the information contained throughout this website and in the Fund's Information Memorandum, and seek separate, independent, and specific financial and tax advice from appropriate experts before deciding to invest.


For more information, please refer to the relevant sections of the Website Terms of Use.

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